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Our members

Accredited Members

Individual members with valid EAGT certificates are  displayed when you select a search criteria. Also number of members displayed on each page is limited. This is to prevent third-parties from stealing email addresses from this page.  For organization accreditation is shown.  

We can display your information as:

  • FULL: Name, address (3 lines) and email
  • LIMITED: One line of your choice
  • HIDDEN: If you ask for this option, we do not display you on the web, and if somebody wants to verify your certificate, they then need to email .

Select your preference , and inform . Also remember to notify us when you change address.

The Supervisor field is to be interpreted as following meaning: For individuals, it means that they are accredited to supervise others. For institutes, it means that they have accredited programs to train future supervisor.

1) Abbreviations
CM = corporate member NOGT = National Organization for Gestalt Therapy
FM = Accredited GT/GPO or both (full) member
O = organization
When testing , or if you have problems on mobile phone find simple pages here : Organizations  – GPO’s

 –   GT’s