European Association for Gestalt Therapy



The National Organization for Gestalt Therapy is the body, that is authorized by EAGT to represent Gestalt Therapy in that country. It is understood as a National Umbrella Organization, structurally and legally independent from any Training Institute. The majority of Training Institutes and individual Gestalt therapists in that country support the National Organization.


The NOGT acts as the Professional Organization for its individual members and promotes and supports Gestalt therapy in the country. The NOGT has an official structure, and is officially registered.


To become an ordinary NOGT, send a completely filled in application form click here for DOC or PDF and all needed attachments to the office of EAGT. The Chair of NOGT’s will process these files. The decision of accreditation will be taken by the Executive Committee.

It is recommended to read the training standards paper (click here) before filling in the questionnaire.


A NOGT that wants to be accredited by the EAGT, sends a request for accreditation to the EAGT Office for attention of the chair of the NOGT’s with the following documents:

1. Statutes and regulations (in the language of the country and in English)

2. Formal information such as addresses (incl. Phone, Fax and e-mail) of the board members; address of the EAGT representative; criteria for membership (different categories, required basic education and Gestalt education); number of members; number and list of members qualified to the level of EAGT.

3. Overview of the organizational structure with explanations (in English)

4. Ethical code, complaints- and appeal procedure in the language of the country, and in English. The ethical code and complaints- and appeal procedure must be compatible with those of EAGT. It will be checked by the Ethics Committee.

5. List of Training Institutes that are connected with the NOGT, list of other professional Institutes and Organizations (national and international) with which the NOGT cooperates.

6. Contacts with other organizations in the mental health field.

7. Money: Actual financial report, membership fee, recommended tariff for therapy or counselling hour.


click here for the list of our members as NOGT’s per country.