European Association for Gestalt Therapy

Gestalt Practitioner In Organizations - GPO

EAGT is founded in 1985 as an organization for Gestalt. Originally for Gestalt therapists, but since 2002 also for those who work with the Gestalt approach in organizations (GPO) as manager, consultant, coach, trainer etc. Given that GPO has now an own department under the umbrella of EAGT and currently you are in this section.


GPO stands for Gestalt Practitioner in Organizations, which means that a professional who is a GPO applies the Gestalt approach during her/his work as manager, coach, trainer or consultant.
Some main characteristics:

•    S/He works with his awareness of the present situation;
•    S/He uses himself as an instrument in the relation;
•    S/He focus on the process to achieve an effective, long lasting result;
•    S/He makes the implicit, hidden processes explicit and visible; in that way s/he enables deeper understanding.


GPO’s can be found in profit and non-profit organizations such as Businesses, Retail companies, Healthcare organizations, Education etc. They work as General managers, Human Resource managers, Personal- and Team coaches, Trainers and internal and external consultants. In general GPO’s are highly valued because of their profound knowledge and deeper understanding of organizations.


EAGT works with a draft set of standards (Click here) and to acknowledge the experience and expertise that already exists in the field, EAGT has worked out and formulated a grand parenting procedure (Click here). With this grandparenting procedure you can apply for membership in EAGT (Click here).


Individuals wanting to go through the grand parenting procedure should establish a peer group in their country and inform office of EAGT. The office will arrange for two external persons to be present, normally one from inside the peer groups country and one from outside.
The GPO procedure consist of two phases:

1. Presentation of a portfolio of education, knowledge, development and experience in working with the Gestalt approach in organizations. In the process of making the portfolio mentoring is provided. The mentor decides whether the portfolio is complete enough to enter the second phase (peer group).
2. The portfolio is presented during the peer group meeting. This peer group is conducted by the GPO committee of the EAGT and exists of at least 4 people. During the peer group meeting, each candidate presents her/his portfolio and will be questioned and evaluated by the other peer group members. At the end of the meeting, the supervisors of the peer group will decide whether to nominate the members for certification or not. The final decision lies with the EAGT.

Applicants pay EAGT € 100,- each for the procedure and certification. The applicant pays the travel (lowest) costs for the two external persons and the peer must be agreed by EAGT. The whole peer-group meeting takes about 1 hour per applicant. One of the external persons informs the office of EAGT on the outcome whether to award the applicant with the EAGT certificate.

The GPO certificate is valid for 5 years. About half a year before the expiration date of your registration you will receive an invitation to re-register yourself. To re-register yourself you can download our re-registration form (Click here). Re-registration is without a peer group meeting.

During the re-registration process a mentor will be appointed.
After a successful re-registration you again receive a certificate for another 5 years.


EAGT offers you:

•    EAGT offers an European platform for people who work with the Gestalt approach.
•    EAGT organizes conferences, workshops and lectures for professional development.
•    EAGT develops standards and certifies professionals.

The purpose of the GPO committee (Click here) is to formulate standards and assess procedures in order to come to ordinary membership of EAGT and/or to form a new related organization.


Click here for a list of our GPO members per country.